About me

Born and raised in Horse Country, VA, Clancey is a country bumpkin braving the city and pursuing a career in the arts! She is a proud graduate of American University with a BA in Musical Theatre, and is currently living and working in the district. 

In addition to performing, Clancey is passionate about directing. In the winter, she directed Ruth and Ada at The Savoy, a two-woman show that unveils the trials and turbulence of industry women. 


In Summer 2017, Clancey founded Post Shift Theatre alongside Jordan Lee, Matthew Meyers, and Jordan Halsey. The young company seeks to bridge the gap between hospitality and the arts. She is PST's Artistic Director, but you can also catch her slinging tapas at Barcelona Wine Bar in Cathedral Heights! 


Much of Clancey's life is spent in the presence of brilliant little children. After morning nanny-ing, Clancey serves as a teaching artist for Keegan Theatre in Dupont Circle and Moonlit Wings Productions in Springfield, Virginia. 

Most recently, Clancey collaborated with Cara Gabriel and Josh Sticklin as a producer for the WOMXN On Fire Festival at Keegan Theatre. The festival featured 18 womxn-identifying actors, 8 womxn-identifying directors, and 8 womxn-identifying playwrights for two weekends of ten-minute plays and solo shows.  

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